The Thy Consulting Limited: Ismail Abdulazeez
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The Thy Consulting Limited: Ismail Abdulazeez

Chief Executive, The Thy Consulting Limited, Ismail Abdulazeez, is one farmer whose life has greatly improved thanks to discovering the hidden fortunes in grass cutter and snail farming.

As a child, he had passion for agriculture, having been involved in subsistence farming with his parents. He developed so much interest in farming that he had vowed he would be a big farmer.

After suffering misfortunes that led to his loss of job, he retired to his own house at Ewupe Ijaniye Village, Sango Otta, Ogun State. Incidentally, it was at that point that the journey into his dream job of being a big time farmer started to materialise.

Being a new site, him and his wife started seeing snails here and there and picked them. He decided to check the articles on snail farming he has been keeping and in one of the articles, he  came across the name of one man called Mr. Bright. He traced him and attended some of his seminars. After the trainings, he did his own research and started his own farms. As God would have it, everything started flourishing.

Having conquered the snail business as it were, Abudlazeez also plunged into grasscutters raring business. Like he did when he started the snail business, Abdulazeez said he went as far as Ghana, Republic of Benin and Ivory Coast to see how they set up standard grasscutters farms.

Today, his farm hostels at least 200 grasscutters which are slaughtered for sale to grocery stores, restaurants and hotels.

The business also provides money to feed his family and pay school fees for his children that attend private schools. A few years ago, he was able to buy some plots of land, bought a car and at least 10 acre property to establish and   promote his export business.

His success story has proved the huge and largely untapped potential of young agro entrepreneurs.


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