Operations Manager: HReade Limited
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Operations Manager: HReade Limited


HReade Limited is a human resource consulting firm which adopts a collaborative approach in ensuring their clients build competitive advantages through their people thereby increasing value for stakeholders and customers.

The most invaluable asset in an organization is its people. Their goal at HReade is to provide solutions and consultancy services on how organizations can fully utilize their human capital to ensure that their strategic goals and objectives are met.


  1. Assumes responsibility for the planning, development and implementation of effective operations management policies and planning.
  • Assist senior management in developing short and long term goals and plans. Assist with long term budget projections.
  • Executes established operational goals and ensures that corporate wide plans are complemented and supported.
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures for Centre operations. Conducts periodic reviews of existing policies and procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Ensures that center operations are in compliance with established procedures, policies, regulations and codes.
  1. Assumes responsibility for the security of all the Centre facilities. Conducts scheduled inspections of security systems and implements improvements as necessary.
  • Identifies security threats and develop action plans for the prevention of incidents.
  • Establishes and maintains security systems for the center and tenants.
  • Monitors shops and businesses and react on emergency calls.
  • Establishes and maintain security information network
  • Liaises with local authorities.
  • Plans the manning of the center and mange guards on duty.
  • Determines the needs for security systems and equipment.
  • Communicates with tenants regarding security systems.
  • Develops and implements security devices.
  • Creates security awareness amongst staff, tenants and shoppers.
  • Compiles budgets and control expenditure.
  • Establishes emergency plans.
  1. Assumes responsibility for ensuring the efficient and cost effective administration of center operations.
  • Develops and implement safety directives.
  • Completes financial forecasting duties and generates and updates schedules for building expenditures.
  • Ensures compliance with legal regulations. Completes regular HSE inspections and updates monthly reports as appropriate. . Ensure that HSE requirements are effectively implemented.
  • Ensures that facilities operations are cost effective, efficient and within established budget constraints.
  • Oversees the procurement of furnishings and equipment in accordance with budget planning.
  • Researches vendors, contractors and suppliers to ensure that equipment and services are of acceptable quality, competitively priced and delivered on time.
  • Ensures that all maintenance agreement and leases are current.
  • Ensures that the billing discrepancies are promptly tracked and resolved.


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.


  • Good knowledge of budgeting, supplier management, management processes, space planning, planned maintenance and staff management.
  • Able to use all related maintenance equipment and network applications.


  • Deciding and initiating action
  • Leading and supervising
  • Working with people
  • Analyzing
  • Relating and networking
  • Persuading and influencing
  • Presenting and communicating information
  • Planning and organizing
  • Delivering results and meeting customer expectation
  • Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking.


  • Minimum of 8 years work experience in similar role. With at least 3 years in supervisory position.
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