Agronomist: Forthworth farms
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Agronomist: Forthworth farms

Job Details

The role of the agronomist is to be responsible for the green houses, taking good care of its inventory and assets.

  • To determine the technological processes for sowing crops and the growing of the seedlings of vegetables, fruits etc
  • The management of agro-technical processes in the cultivation of plants
  • To determine ways of cultivating crops on different plots of land, having in consideration the conditions of soil
  • To make decisions about the ploughing, sowing and plant protection
  • To select and procure the seeds, fertilizers and other materials required for plant growth
  • To schedule the ploughing and sowing.
  • Draw the production plans according to the consumers\' needs
  • Receiving orders, developing the market and drawing up plans future growth
  • To prepare laboratory tests for agricultural land and organization of the ground
  • To determine the fertilization process
  • To prepare the production plan for the crop plants
  • To record the operative documents.
  • To be innovative, proactive and discipline.
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